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I live in White Rock, BC (Just outside of Vancouver) with my husband, puppy, and Poppy. I am a part-time hairstylist / part-time blogger, I have always been the type of person to do a million different jobs for a million different people. But in this last year I have found my passions and been able to combine them all into my everyday work. When I'm not working I'm cooking, decorating, building some sort of project, or playing in the sun. 

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A   F E W   T H I N G S   A B O U T   M E

1. I go as long as possible without washing my hair

2. I was convinced I was going to be Mrs. Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

3. I will eat sour candy till my tongue bleeds

4. My favourite genre of Movie is Hilary Duff

5. I rearrange my house weekly

6. I only like green bananas

7. When someone offers me something I always say no thanks, even if I want it

8. I very dramatically and loudly sing songs out of key (the only way I know how)

9. I can lick my nose

10. I don't read instructions, and usually do things wrong

11. I wanted to grow up and be a bus driver

12. I love baking, and have always wanted a bakery

13. I'm 5' 6". Nothing crazy, just a fact.

14. I'm really into plants right now. But, used to find them so tacky.

15. I dreamt of marrying a musician since I was 11, and I did!

16. I've had a list of baby names in my phone for the last 5 years, I cant wait to actually use one.

17. I got baptized in the ocean on a snowy day, it was beautiful.

18. David and I met in blockbuster

19. Octopodes (pretty cool plural eh?) are my favourite animal

20. Me, my sis & her husband, and my parents all have houses on the same block.