Tacos Tacos Tacos

Tegan and I are a little bit obsessed with tacos, but then again, who isn't? Any time of day I am down for tacos, and we happen to live in an area that is saturated with amazing taco joints. 

I was talking to a few friends of mine this week, and we were discussing the top taco places in Vancouver. Right around the corner from the studio, La Taqueria is definitely our go-to. First of all, it is the cutest little taco shop, resembling the feel of a traditional taco stand you would find in Mexico. The tacos are amazing, and maybe my favourite in Vancouver. 

Los Cuervos Taqueria and Cantina is a close second. It is really close to our apartment (did you know that Tegan and I live in the same apartment building?) It is honestly a bit dangerous that it is so close to home, because I have been going there WAY too much. I can't help it, and my wallet is taking a beating from it. Luckily, I discovered their 5-6pm happy hour with 2 tacos and a draft beer for $11. Hallelujah! 

Tacofino is an obvious choice for a sit-down meal. I am a big fan of their "take-out" side of the restaurant where you can get burritos - some of my favourite burritos in Vancouver. 

Sal y Limon is also right next to Los Cuervos and their tacos are also pretty amazing. It is a bit easier on your wallet than Los Cuervos, and I'm a big fan of their burritos. They have amazzzzing horchata and giant chocolate covered churros. 

Are we missing any?? Let us know! We are alllllways down for another place to taco 'bout.

**** I forgot to add our favourite Vegan Burritos!!  Budgies Burritos on Main Street is one of my favourites, as well as Banditas Taqueria on the Drive!

Link Love

  • Obsessed with this Free People Sweater 
  • Finally got my hands on a pair of "Cougar" The Ragged Priest jeans and I'm loving them! Their clothes are so fun. 
  • Can't get enough of this new song and video by Real Estate
  • I reallllly want to try this "Cloud Paint" Gel Blush by Glossier
  • My face has been so dry and sensitive lately! Our Pink House Raspberry Face Cream has seriously been my lifesaver!!  mmmmm and it smells like Raspberry candy. PS we updated our website :) Isn't it pretty?? Tegan did an amazing job! 
  • We just got these Vij's Indian cookbooks and everything in them looks phenomenal, I can't wait to try them out ! 
  • I can't get over this bra and underwear set. I thought it was a bathing suit at first, and definitely could be worn as one. Maybe I'll embroider my own bathing suits at home?! 

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